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One cup of blueberries a day to improve blood pressure

The power of blueberries to improve hypertension A new study on post-menopausal women published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2015, doi: 10.1016/j.jand.2014.11.001) reports that just one cup of blueberries per day could reduce blood pressure

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Amaranth beneficial for cardiovascular health

Health properties of a great little grain What is amaranth? Amaranth is a grain very similar to quinoa, and to the untrained eye they might be mistaken as the same thing.  Both of the grains are small and bead-like, and

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The anti ageing properties of basil

Benefits of basil: anti ageing and more Basil is such a great tasting herb, but unfortunately not the easiest to grow in the UK climate (you probably need a hothouse). This herb is an excellent source of vitamin K, which

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A refreshing drink to protect your skin from sun damage

Keep a younger looking skin without chemicals, just drink green tea. Spring has started and we have had quite a few lovely sunny days. Sun exposure is vital for our health as it is the main factor to boost our

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6 Benefits of Saffron

Saffron: a powerful anti ageing spice Although saffron is a much less talked about spice than turmeric, this very expensive ingredient has however very significant health benefits worth knowing. Saffron has been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic and Chinese tradition

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Grapefruit, an ally for our cardiovascular health

Health benefits of grapefruit GRAPEFRUIT has been shown to protect arteries from hardening – it was shown to reduce plaque build-up even if eating a high fat diet. Grapefruit contains a powerful food component called naringinin a flavonoid which is

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Sweet Potatoes – a staple of healthy centenarians

Health properties of sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes, especially the purple variety, have very promising anti-ageing properties. This food is a staple in the diet of the people in the Okinawa region, where the elderly enjoy what may be the longest

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The most powerful anti-ageing intervention and why it works

And what caloric restriction, resveratrol and berries have in common The most powerful anti-aging dietary intervention scientifically proven so far is caloric restriction. Several studies have reported that caloric restriction is very helpful to improve cholesterol levels, has anti-inflammatory effects,

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Polyphenols in the diet linked to longevity

Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds found mainly in fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, nuts and legumes. An increasing body of research has so far reported that they exert antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects, as well as being linked with better cognitive

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5 Mushrooms to beat inflammation, but better when eaten raw

Anti-inflammatory mushrooms Inflammation is a well-known contributing factor to many age-related chronic diseases. One of the possible strategies to suppress inflammation is the employment of functional foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Edible mushrooms are attracting more and more attention as functional

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