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Gluten and dairy free creamy raw chocolate cake

Guilt free chocolate delight This is a delicious, chocolatey and incredibly guilt free treat which will please the whole family and infuse your body with goodness. Raw chocolate contains many important vitamins and minerals including magnesium, and other essential minerals

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Brain health promoting grain-free low-GL blueberry muffins

A delicious way to look after you brain This is a delicious treat with a wealth of nutritious and low-GL ingredients. Coconut oil and coconut flour, in combination with almond flour and eggs will give you energy and keep you

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Grain free bread with sun-dried tomato and herbs

Gluten free, low GL, nutrient packed bread recipe! This bread is so delicious, that, having baked it on a Sunday evening, it hardly made the breakfast table! It has also a low glycemic index (no grains in it), it is

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