HomeMade Ketchup!

No nasties for this very popular condiment

Ketchup Homemade

Ketchup can be a very healthy and tasty condiment. However the industrially produced versions you find in supermarkets are often loaded with refined sugars, preservatives and other health defeating ingredients.

This simple homemade version however is both very tasty‬ and very ‪‎healthy‬, as it is only made with clean, health promoting ingredients,

Here the recipe:
250g organic‬ ‪‎tomato‬ paste
1 tbs raw‬ organic honey‬
1 tbs raw apple‬ ‪‎cider‬ vinegar‬
1-2 tablespoons of water‬
1 teaspoon ‪‎mustard‬
A pinch of sea salt‬


This recipe is a very rich source of lycopene, a carotenoid with positive benefits on cardiovascular health.

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