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What our Nutritional Therapy clients say about us

“I had felt completely exhausted for months when I decided to see Nutritional Therapist Elena Lucchi. I always thought that my only problems were not getting enough sleep and lack of iron. Elena however explained that protracted tiredness may have many different underlying reasons, and defined a program to address each of them in order to increase my energy. She opened my eyes on the importance of a well-balanced diet in order to recover energy after a long period of stress. After only two weeks from my first consultation with Elena, I started to feel more energetic. Now it has been almost two months since I started following Elena’s guidance diet and supplements to take in order to recover from exhaustion and I am feeling a lot better, even my sleep has greatly improved. Elena is a competent Nutritional Therapist who was able to find effective solutions to improve my health in a friendly and informative way”  Gloria M.


“Several months ago I started experiencing suboptimal digestion, with discomfort that affected my day-to-day life. After months of frustration in not being able to identify the causes of my symptoms, I decided to consult with a professional, and I turned to Elena for advice. I was given a thorough questionnaire regarding my eating and lifestyle habits, my overall health and specific symptoms. During my first appointment I was given clear diet recommendations and advised to do a test. I have now followed her advice for five weeks, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health – and my quality of life has improved accordingly.  I definitely recommend Borecole Nutrition to anybody who wants to optimize long term health in an effective and sustainable way” Silvia B.

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