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Seminar: Feed Your Hormones: How to improve PMS and manage menopausal symptoms with Food

“Elena is very well prepared and extremely thorough a therapist herself. I would not hesitate in recommending her to my clients” Silvia Homeopath Windsor.

“Elena is a brilliant expert in nutrition. Her talk was very intriguing and she was very passionate about explaining how to be and live healthily. Elena is very knowledgeable and can help you improve your lifestyle and health” Borislava N.

“Elena is very knowledgeable on her field of expertise and delivers the information in a very friendly and easy way. The next day, I went to my local health food store to stock up on some essentials that were suggested by Elena” July I.

“Fascinating insight into the inner workings of our bodies and the effect of food intake and lifestyle on our hormonal systems” Judith V.

“Elena was thorough and enthusiastic with the seminar. She has passion in the topic and makes the seminar easy to understand” Donna M.

“Extremely helpful” Fay S.

“Very interesting” Olivia M.

Seminar: Feed Your Brain: How to improve Attention, Memory and Concentration with Food

“A complicated topic explained extremely well’ Gayle H.

“Highly informative talk using an easy to understand technique. I learned far more about brain function and just how much food can impact both the body and the mind”. Francesca D.

“Elena is hugely knowledgeable. I feel very confident that her advice will help me improve my brain function” Jane N.

“Superb level of knowledge and expertise” Declan C.

“It was a very informative talk. Loved the content structure as well. Not very technical but yet it was very easy to understand. Thank you!” Preet D.

“Very informative. I do a lot of it but believe we can always learn more and improve every area of our lives” Debbie B.

“Very informative and raising my awareness of my diet and foods and the impact on the brain and body” Farah B.

“Clear, interesting and well researched” Gloria M.

“I was very interested to learn that inflammation in the body causes inflammation in the brain. Very important to know!” Marilyn N.

“Very interesting and informative and these type of talks should be more widely broadcast i.e. in schools, at home, on tv as we are what we eat” Lorraine H.

“I’ve learned a lot – Thank you!” B.L.

“Elena enlightened me on brain health, she did a fabulous job – well done” Praf V.

“Elena really is passionate about her subject and is so informative” Derna G.

“Great, Informative talk with extensive knowledge” Nicole S.

“Very informative, important for people to be made aware. I wish young ones at schools are thought all this” Janet M.

“A very comprehensive summary about the functions of the brain and how we can eat healthily to improve cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline” Belinda D.


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