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Nutrtional Therapy and Nutrition services.

Borecole Nutrition provides an extensive range of nutrition services to individuals and companies to promote health, healthy eating, and nutritional education. Depending on your needs, we can offer:

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Color cups isolated on white background.A nutritional therapy consultation can help you optimise your health by targeting your specific health priorities, including mental alertness, mood, hormonal health, digestive health, bone and muscle health, cardio-vascular health and energy levels. To find out more about Nutritional Therapy please click here, to become acquainted with the consultation process click here.

Nutritional Consulting for Businessesbusiness consulting

Whether you are a health club wanting to design a tasty health and energy promoting menu for your cafeteria, a chef wanting to infuse a healthy edge to your recipes, a supermarket in the quest of health promoting packaged meals or a company requiring a nutritional knowledge base, Borecole Nutrition can support you in your path to excellence.

Corporate Wellbeing Talks

stockvault--health-educationWe offer an extensive range of seminar programmes, from one-hour ‘lunch ‘n learn’ events to comprehensive seminar series which provide your employees with the knowledge to promote health through nutritional and life-style choices. Programs are designed specifically for your needs and topics include stress management, improving cardio-vascular health and enhancing mental focus. These programs combine nutritional education with personalised and confidential advice.

Writing Serviceswritinh chilli

Borecole Nutrition provides high quality nutrition and health content for articles, leaflets, websites and books. We are experienced in researching complex technical data and conveying the key messages into accessible and engaging text. Writing services are provided in English and Italian.

Healthy Eating Workshops

soupWhen faced with the challenge to change their diets, many people need hands-on practical help. As an answer to this need, we offer a range of informal yet informative healthy cooking workshops. Over the course of each workshop, you will get to know health-promoting ingredients and learn how to transform them into delicious meals. As a reward for your efforts, you will enjoy the banquet prepared.

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